by Samantha Munro

While I am an agent, I am also a part of the landscape, a face in the crowd, or a body sitting on a bench under a tree in the garden.  My being-for-others is my being as a part of the world of another. It is a judgement that I infer from the gaze of another, and that I experience as an objective component of my situation.


- Tom Martin, Oppression and the Human Condition



INEFFACEABLE is a site specific, participatory artwork which meditates on ways of being - filled with familiar and strange moments, voyeuristic encounters and dislocated dialogues. The roles we are assigned in daily life, how we choose to perform these roles and how they are read by others, inform who we are and how we move through the space. The moments created through this exploration, be they profound or simply whimsical, are all meaningful in their own right. This exhibition provokes the contemplation of these moments by creating a space where potential movements and interactions manifest.